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    In case of lack of a warranted product, Zazzamilo enforces its customers according to law. For the repair or replacement of the product simply contact your dealer, presenting the purchase receipt.

    The guarantee of Zazzamilo products, according to rule of law in the European territory, has value for 24 months from the purchase date shown on the tax document. For this reason we suggest to keep your receipt until the expiry of 24 months. They are excluded from this term consumables such as batteries.

    The batteries are a consumable good that with the use gradually reduces its autonomy, its duration depends on several factors: the type of device, the type of use made of it, from the outside temperatures (if very high or very low ) and the number of recharge cycles to which they are subjected. Normally a battery wears out considerably after 6/12 months. Battery consumption, if not abnormal (less than this range) is not covered by warranty. It is warranted 24 months the electronic components of the devices.

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