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Trading Pass, the company that owns ZAZZAMILO brand, already from 2008 set out to create a product designed primarily for motorcyclists and two-wheeled vehicles users. The desire to communicate in total security and freedom, was the first goal that Trading Pass reached to offer a high quality product at an affordable price. This initiative makes use of Bluetooth devices, the most common technology for distance comunication. It was the precursor for all “hands-free” devices.

ZAZZAMILO BT is a sophisticated wireless communication system with Bluetooth technology designed primarily for motorcyclists but suitable for all those who use helmets as skiers and cyclists.

ZAZZAMILO BT allows users to enjoy multimedia functions via Bluetooth to devices such as mobile phones, ipod, mp3, GPS navigators. It also has built-in FM radio, all these benefits without a cable connections. In addition, paired in Bluetooth mode to the same type of devices, it becomes an intercom system Pilot / Passenger or Pilot / Pilot, with coverage from 100 to 500 meters. The intercom has a wire connection slot that allows the user to connect a non-Bluetooth device.

The intercom ZAZZAMILO BT was developed by a specialized team of engineers, with extensive experience in building wireless systems for some of the major brands of Bluetooth systems already on the market.

After establishing production agreements with top electronic companies, ZAZZAMILO BT Intercom makes its first appearance in 2009, immediately gaining a huge success mainly among motorcyclists.

ZAZZAMILO BT Intercom is distributed by web and in specialized shops.


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